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Common Windows processes

Windows task manager

_file_ process file The software Security Task Manager is an enhanced process viewer, that displays all the standard information as well as a unique security risk rating based on analysis of hidden functions (keylogging, stealth, browser surveillance, autorun entry,...) [more]

Java Sun Microsystems (sun.com) Java
SMax4PNP MFC Application Analog Devices (analog.com) SMax4PNP Application
GoogleToolbarNotifier Google (toolbar.google.com) GoogleToolbarNotifier
sptd Duplex Secure sptd
st Microsoft (microsoft.com) st
StarWind iSCSI Target Alcohol Edition Rocket Division Software (starwindsoftware.com) StarWind
Antivirus Scheduler Avira GmbH (avira.com) Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition
ShellExecuteHook SuperAdBlocker.com (superadblocker.com) SuperAntiSpyware
Sigmatel Audio system tray application SigmaTel (sigmatel.com) C-Major Audio
Event Monitor - Supports driver extensions to NIC Driver for wireless adapters Intel (intel.com) Mobile Unit Support Service
SPBBC Service Symantec (symantec.com) SPBBC
SQL Server Windows NT Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft SQL Server
StarWind iSCSI Target Alcohol Edition Rocket Division Software (starwindsoftware.com) StarWind Alcohol Edition
Macrovision SECURITY Driver Macrovision Corporation, Macrovision Europe Limited, and Macrovision Japan and Asia K.K (macrovision.com) Macrovision SECURITY Driver
TouchPad Driver Helper Application Synaptics (synaptics.com) Synaptics Pointing Device Driver
Logitech SetPoint Event Manager UNICODE Logitech (logitech.com) Logitech SetPoint
Realtek Sound Manager Realtek Semiconductor (realtek.com.tw) Realtek Sound Manager
BitDefender Antivirus Plus SOFTWIN (bitdefender.com) BitDefender
smumhook.dll PC Tools (pctools.com) Spyware Doctor
Synaptics TouchPad Enhancements Synaptics (synaptics.com) Synaptics Pointing Device Driver
Spy Protector Neuber Software GmbH - www.neuber.com (neuber.com) Security Task Manager
Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System
Microsoft Windows Search Indexer Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System
swupdtmr.exe file TOSHIBA AMERICA INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC (toshiba.com) TOSHIBA Software Upgrades
Registry Clean Pro Scheduler SoftThinks (softthinks.com) Scheduler Application
sdchook Support.com (supportsoft.com) Support.com sdchook
Install Shield Installer Microsoft (microsoft.com) stub
Spy Sweeper SSU Webroot Software (webroot.com) Spy Sweeper
AVG Anti-Spyware shellexecutehook Anti-Malware Development a.s (freeavg.com) AVG Anti-Spyware
SynthCore SoundMAX (soundmax.com) Staccato Systems SynthCore
sw24.exe sw24.exe HijackThis
EPSON Printer Status Agent SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION (epson.com) EPSON Bidirectional Printer
Symantec Core Component Symantec (symantec.com) Norton Internet Security
regsvr32 /s mqrt.dll s mqrt.dll s mqrt.dll
Kaspersky AV Scanner Kaspersky Lab (kaspersky.com) ZoneAlarm Security Suite
ProShow Gold Eastman Kodak Company (kodak.com) aspi
STacSV Module SigmaTel (sigmatel.com) C-Major Audio
Sigmatel Audio system tray application SigmaTel (sigmatel.com) C-Major Audio
SC_Acrobat.exe sc_acrobat.exe sc_acrobat.exe
User-Level Modem Service Smart Link (smlink.com) Modem
Sonic Update Manager Sonic Solutions (sonic.com) RecordNow Update Manager
Spyware Doctor PC Tools (pctools.com) Spyware Doctor
SMSystemAnalyzer.exe iolo technologies (iolo.com) iolo technologies' System
Draw Pen Tip Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft® Handwriting Input UI
Steam Client Bootstrapper (buildbot_winslave04_steam_steam_rel_client_win32@winslave04) Valve (valvesoftware.com) Steam Client Bootstrapper
ServiceLayer Module Nokia (nokia.com) PC Connectivity Solution
SonicStage Atrac Hard Disk Monitor Sony (sony.com) SonicStage
Suite Integration Toolkit Executable Microsoft (microsoft.com) InstallShield
SiSUSBrg Silicon Integrated Systems (sis.com) SiS SiSUSBrg
SNMP Service Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System
SPM Module Sony (sony.com) VAIO Power Management
setupdb America Online (aol.com) America Online
ErrorDnsTest Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operation System
SiteAdvisor McAfee (mcafee.com) McAfee SiteAdvisor
PC Tools Spyware Doctor PC Tools Research Pty (pctools.com) Spyware Doctor
honey mIRC Co. (mirc.com) F YOU
Network Driver Service Symantec (symantec.com) Symantec Security Drivers
Spy Sweeper Engine Webroot Software (webroot.com) Spy Sweeper SDK
MCPServer Stardock (stardock.com) Stardock MCP Core Services (System Extensions and Hooks)
srmclean.exe srmclean.exe Archivos temporales MPT
SiS Compatible Super VGA Tray Application Silicon Integrated Systems (sis.com) SiS® Compatible Super VGA SiSTray application
Chocolate CupCake Microsoft (microsoft.com) COM+ Messages
Digital Media Reader Alcor Micro (alcormicro.com) Multimedia Card Reader
showwnd.exe showwnd.exe showwnd.exe
Symantec Security Drivers Install Monitor Symantec (symantec.com) Symantec Security Drivers
Cypress USB Mass Storage Driver Background Application Cypress Semiconductor (cypress.com) Cypress USB Mass Storage Adapter

Windows proc

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